Antique Shop Fitting and Display Furniture


An engaging shop design plays an important role in how a customer experiences your retail store, feels in your cafe or relaxes in your bar!  Shops or a commercial fit out incorporating strong, vintage designs and antique display furniture are not just stylish, they invite their customers to come inside, relax, purchase or have a look around.  Shop, retail or commercial fit-outs using vintage and genuine antique furniture, fittings and accessories creates unique, innovating and most eye retail displays that are sure to entice business and future sales. Fitting out a store with a vintage or antique style does not have to be limited to antique sales counters, display cabinets and such like. At Haymar Collections we like to be creative and to use both unusual, durable and functional vintage pieces, eg, old packing cases, an original, vintage wooden fridge or antique industrial ironing board, to help create and fashion the most eye catching visual merchandising displays and inviting, rustic interiors.

When you shop online, we ship our vintage and antique shop fittings and collections globally from Indonesia including Australia, South-East Asia, across Europe, Great Britain, USA and New Zealand.  If you have specific antique shop display ideas, we can also act as a buying agent to find the right vintage display props and antique furniture for you